Trolls: 17-19 August 2020

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Parental consent: we would like to be able to take photographs and video footage to include on MTW's website or social media sites. We would also like to be able to take allow parents/carers to take photographs and video footage, on the understanding that they are not shared on social media if other children are included. Photographs and video footage will not be displayed with names of students. Please therefore complete below as appropriate.

In the event of an accident involving your child we would like to be able to act in loco parentis and/or provide appropriate medical assistance as required. Please therefore complete as appropriate.

As stated in our Child Protection Policy no children of school Year 6 and under are permitted to leave the premises without a designated adult unless we have been made previously aware in writing they are permitted to leave alone. Please note that refunds will be issued if advised of cancellation within 14 calendar days of booking. A credit note will be issued for cancellation after 14 calendar days of booking.

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Based on the stage show of Trolls the Musical.

  • Monday 17th August to Wednesday 19th August • 9:30 am to 4 pm • South Wolds Academy
  • For ages 5 – 15 years • includes songs and dance routines from the musical as well as crafts
  • Performance on final day for family and friends
  • Early Bird discount if booked and paid by Monday 20th July 2020. Sibling discounts available.

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